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06 June 2012

Here we are! You finally arrived in your new housing. You find yourselves in front of a mountain of boxes. And you wonder where to start.

The phase of unpacking can be pleasant with the proviso of making an amusing adventure of it with the other members of the family. You should concentrate yourself on one room at a time  and always keep in mind that you do not have to unpack it all in one day.

Start by demolishing the paperboards essential to your installation. You surely identified them. They contain the products of daily hygiene, the cleaning products, towels, cloths, toolboxes, emergency case, drugs etc…

If you have young children, unpack some toys as quickly as possible. They will be comforted to find their toys again and they will leave you in peace. If they are old enough, give them the responsibility to unpack their boxes with toys which they will place themselves in their new room. They will be proud to take part in the moving.

You can now take on the kitchen. It will have to be functional as soon as possible. Arrange all that goes in the drawers and the cupboards. Do not waste time asking yourself where to place such or such an object. You will bring changes later-on.

Then go to the bathroom. Unpack your toiletry stuff. Lay out all that you will need to take a good bath to relax after an exhausting day.

No panicking if your bedrooms are not completely set up the first evening! Install the mattresses, pillows and covers for all of the family. You can even create a camp-site atmosphere. The children will be thrilled.

It is also important to make it possible for each member of the family to have his/her space to enable them to unpack and organize their personal belongings.


Within the framework of a moving the stage of unpacking is the last of a series of tasks to be performed. The experience will be less stressing if you adopt a positive attitude in face of all the work that awaits you. Try to see it as a new departure.


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