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06 June 2012

A visit of an apartment is done quite quickly. It's thus necessary to prepare for it.

Before the visit:
Look at a map to see where the building and it's vicinity are located: the possibilities of public transit or the availability of parking space. Also check the shopkeepers, restaurants, schools, etc… Evaluate if you would like to live in the district.
At the time of the visit:
Check the general condition of the premises. The exterior as much as the interior. Pay attention to the entrance: is it safe? In what conditions are the mailboxes? Inside the apartment, imagine your furniture in every room, check the number of electrical plugs and their location. In the kitchen, check the tap system and the fittings, verify if the arrangement is sufficient, if the space of the counter is large enough. Do not forget to check the bathroom; the state of the bathtub, the shower, the toilet. If there is evidence of mould, etc… You can ask to see the interior of the wall cupboards. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the heating, the cost of hydro, about the neighbours, etc…

At the end of the visit:

If you are interested, discuss with the owner the details of the renting; the amount of the rent, what it includes (e.g.: heating, electricity, parking space, etc…). If work must be done or if painting is provided to you, or anything else promised by the owner, have it registered in the lease.


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