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06 June 2012

If there is an important stage in life, it is surely the one when one leaves the parental residence.

Be it for academic reasons, work or to acquire one’s independence here’s a small guide to help you to fly on your own wings.

For starters, draw up a budget. It is impossible to circumvent. What are your sources of income? Employment, loans and grants, parental assistance?

Then come the expenditures. In general, it is necessary to envisage from 30 to 40% of your budget for housing. Do you wish to have the Internet at home? Do you have the cable installed, a parabolic antenna, a telephone line, what are the costs of heating and electricity?

The site of the housing must be taken into account in the development of your budget. How much will your travel expenses cost you to go to school or to work?

One should especially not neglect to take an insurance. You will choose it according to the value of your goods. This insurance also includes civil liability. Think about it because that could render a great service to you if some stupid accident would occur.

You found the ideal housing? It should now be furnished. Will you buy new or second-hand pieces of furniture? It is always a question of budget.

Second-hand pieces of furniture at reasonable prices are always available on various Internet sites. You can also benefit from springtime yard and garage sales if you like the experience. And why not launch an appeal to the family or the acquaintances who would be glad to give you pieces of furniture which they do not need any more?

Lastly, a few days before moving, remind your parents and friends who had promised you their assistance.

Do not forget especially to buy the pizza to show them your gratitude.

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