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06 June 2012

Moving can be quite expensive. It is thus necessary to seek a budget for moving.

It's necessary to think about:
- Transportation expenses (renting of a truck, other);
- Packing material expenses (boxes, paper, etc…);
- Transfer-of-services expenses (heating, electricity, telephone, Internet, cable, etc…);
- Cleaning expenses;
- Purchase of paint and materials for the new housing (optional).

Amongst the most frequent problems during a moving one lists:

Broken pieces of furniture;


Hidden expenses;

Conflicts between the tenant who leaves and the one who arrives.

We suggest the following:

- Plan and confirm the hour of your moving with your mover and make sure that it will be appropriate as much for the tenant who arrives in your former housing as in your new housing.

- Inform yourself on the insurances of the mover.

- Supervise the operations of the moving.

- Give yourself room for manoeuvre in the event of problems by reserving more time than the bare minimum.


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