The Quebec Landlord's Association (APQ) is seeking to promote a more harmonious departures and arrivals through a better understanding of the rights and obligations of all parties concerned. For this reason, all Quebec residential landlords, can call us for advice all the year at 1-888-382-9670.

It appears that the main problems encountered by landlords at the end of the lease, are the following:

  • Dammage caused to the dwelling
  • Tenants who are supposed to leave the dwelling and who refuse to do so, whereas the new tenant arrives on the premises to move in.
  • Failure to pay rent starting July 1st

The APQ is also offering a free guide to landlords on the following link Boxes and truck documents. There is also a statement form, places to use when your tenants change.

20 December 2018
In order to repossess a dwelling, a notice must be sent indicating that one intends to repossess the dwelling. This notice must be detailed and comply with the provisions of the Civil Code of Québec. If you miss a portion of the notice, it could ...
23 November 2018
With the general increase in the cost of living and the tax increases of the various levels of government, the profit margin of the owners is becoming less and less important. In this context, the increase in rent is an essential mechanism that...

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