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The APQ positions itself on the growing problem of bedbugs: to find a solution to such a situation, the collaboration of the tenants is paramount  

14 May 2013

The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) explains that it is of the utmost importance that in the venomous situation of bedbugs, both landlords and tenants try to alleviate the situation.

It is true that the problem of bedbugs remains real, but it is also especially important to be conscious of the fact that the tenants’ awareness-making remains laborious, according to the Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ).

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The APQ draws up a portrait of the rental market, which profile do our tenants have? 

29 June 2012

The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) draws up a portrait of the tenants, two days before the comings and goings of moving.

In view of the data provided by the owners on the habits and the behaviour of their tenants, the APQ paints a portrait of the tenants in the rental residences in Quebec:

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Why a deposit is necessary, as much for the owners as for the tenants  

27 June 2012

It is certain that Quebec is the only Province in Canada not allowing the owners to demand a deposit, a deposit which the owner would keep all throughout the lease. Currently it is only possible to ask the 1st month of rent during the signing of the lease.

This absence of safety can have disastrous consequences as much for the owner as for the tenant:

“Imagine that you visit a housing on the 1st of March : all is well, exactly what you seek. The owner checks your solvency, your behaviour, and it is all positive, you sign the lease for the 1st of July. Then you start looking

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Non-payment of rent 

08 June 2012

The law provides that the lease is terminated if the rent payment is late by more than three weeks. In over 70% of cases heard, the tenants didn't present themselves to their audience.

The establishment of a default procedure would reduce the number of cases to be heard and therefore waiting times before a hearing would be diminished.
If the tenant wants to be heard by the court, it may not state the reasons he intends to rely and the Board may convene the parties to a hearing. The tenant will have the opportunity to be heard. Otherwise, calling the parties to a hearing is not useful.


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A problem of housing arises for the students 

07 June 2012

After weeks of strike the student conflict takes a turning point with the adoption, on May 16th, of a special law by the Government. This law suspends the Winter session in 14 Cegeps and in the Faculties on strike in 11 Universities. Courses would be resumed again in August to finish by the end of September and the Fall session would begin in October.

A problem of housing arises then for the students who have given notice of non-renewal of their lease thinking of finishing their session in all quietness because certain owners had to make their provision by re-letting their dwelling for July 1.

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The peaceful enjoyment of the premises 

31 May 2012

The tenant evaluation service of the Quebec Landlords Association (APQ) makes it possible to evaluate the informations provided by tenant relative to his/her employment, current housing owner, not only on the payment level of the rents but also on the behaviour level and carry out the verification with available information at the Régie du logement, as well as the civil and criminal records. The Quebec Landlords Association (APQ) can also make a verification of the real owner of the building because in several cases, the name which is given to us is not the name of the real owner of the building but rather the one of a tenant's friend.


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