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06 June 2012
You may think that you can “break your lease” with a three-month's notice at any time and for any reason. Do not deceive yourself, a lease is a contract and a contract isn't made to be broken just like that!
The law foresees exceptional situations as to ask for a cancellation of the lease without the agreement of the owner, such as subsidized rent, if you can no longer live in your housing because of a handicap, if you are an elderly person and are going to live permanently in a residence for elderly people or in a center of care of long duration, etc… In these cases, a notice must be sent to the owner.

Unless you find yourself in one of these situations of exception stated by the law you must respect the lease until the end.


If you leave the housing before the end of the lease the owner will be able to ask for damage equivalent to the loss of rent, heating and electricity expenses and the expenses of re-letting.

It is also possible to cancel the lease by amiable agreement. The owner and the tenant agree to put an end to the lease before the end of the term. We advise you to confirm this agreement with a written document signed by the two parties.



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