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06 June 2012

It is possible to move and put into practice your ecological good resolutions. It suffices to follow the rule of the 3 Rs. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.


A few weeks in advance, put aside your old newspapers and circulars.

Avoid the purchase of boxes or bubble-paper. Go get boxes at the hardware store, or at the supermarket, etc…

Also use your suitcases which you will fill with delicate objects or important documents.

To pack your fragile objects, use covers, towels or crockery linens instead of bubble-paper.

Especially avoid taking packages containing disposable plastic such as dustbin bags.

If you know other people who are also moving you can exchange your boxes and moving papers. It is another means of minimizing wastes.



Moving is the ideal time to get rid of cumbersome things which could make others happy. Why keep useless objects, toys which the children aren’t playing with any longer or clothing that you aren't wearing anymore?

Bring it all to the family-counter of your community or let charitable associations benefit from it. You can even organize a yard or garage sale if your heart tells you so and if time allows you to.



Undo the boxes and take out recycling papers and paperboards.

Do not throw out your leftover paint. Visit the www.ecopeinture.ca website to know the nearest place   you can deposit the empty containers.

You can also inform yourself at your municipality because most of them organize collections of dangerous products.

While finishing, make profitable each displacement carried out in order to decrease to the maximum your consumption of energy.


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