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07 June 2012

After weeks of strike the student conflict takes a turning point with the adoption, on May 16th, of a special law by the Government. This law suspends the Winter session in 14 Cegeps and in the Faculties on strike in 11 Universities. Courses would be resumed again in August to finish by the end of September and the Fall session would begin in October.

A problem of housing arises then for the students who have given notice of non-renewal of their lease thinking of finishing their session in all quietness because certain owners had to make their provision by re-letting their dwelling for July 1.

Because of the risk to commit your responsibility towards the new tenant it would be important to do a regular follow-up with your current tenant who delivered to you his notice of non-renewal of the lease: address of his/her forthcoming residence, state of research of the new housing, precise date of his/her moving, the hour….

Because of this conflict, whose outcome is uncertain, your tenant may refuse to leave the premises on the day when the new tenant shows up and we remind you that you may be likely to see your responsibility committed towards the latter (in terms of lodging, storage of his/her belongings, financial compensations, etc…). Nothing guarantees you that it will be easy to dislodge the recalcitrant one. Indeed, you could find yourself having to negotiate in spite of you having an agreement that he/she leave the dwelling, or, in the worst case, to organize an eviction at the Rental Board with the delays and the expenditures that that generates. It is thus of primary importance to make your provisions.

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