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The visiting of an apartment 

06 June 2012

A visit of an apartment is done quite quickly. It's thus necessary to prepare for it.

Before the visit:

Look at a map to see where the building and it's vicinity are located: the possibilities of public transit or the availability of parking space. Also check the shopkeepers, restaurants, schools, etc… Evaluate if you would like to live in the district.

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Moving expenses 

06 June 2012

Moving can be quite expensive. It is thus necessary to seek a budget for moving.

It's necessary to think about:

- Transportation expenses (renting of a truck, other);

- Packing material expenses (boxes, paper, etc…);

- Transfer-of-services expenses (heating, electricity, telephone, Internet, cable, etc…);

- Cleaning expenses;

- Purchase of paint and materials for the new housing (optional)

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06 June 2012

Subletting is a good solution when you must leave your housing temporarily. Example: if you're seeking to travel for several months or leaving for study or work temporarily in another city, you sublet your housing to another person which prevents you from having to pay two places at the same time.

According to the law, there's three exceptions to your right to sublet your housing:

If you are student and are renting a room in a school establishment,

If the housing is the family residence, you cannot sublet it without the written assent of your spouse.

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Cancelling or breaking one’s lease 

06 June 2012

You may think that you can “break your lease” with a three-month's notice at any time and for any reason. Do not deceive yourself, a lease is a contract and a contract isn't made to be broken just like that!


The law foresees exceptional situations as to ask for a cancellation of the lease without the agreement of the owner, such as subsidized rent, if you can no longer live in your housing because of a handicap, if you are an elderly person and are going to


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An ecological moving 

06 June 2012

It is possible to move and put into practice your ecological good resolutions. It suffices to follow the rule of the 3 Rs. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.


A few weeks in advance, put aside your old newspapers and circulars.

Avoid the purchase of boxes or bubble-paper. Go get boxes at the hardware store, or at the supermarket, etc…

Also use your suitcases which you will fill with delicate objects or important documents.

To pack your fragile objects, use covers, towels or crockery linens instead of bubble-paper.

Especially avoid taking packages containing disposable plastic such as dustbin bags.

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My 1st apartment 

06 June 2012

If there is an important stage in life, it is surely the one when one leaves the parental residence.

Be it for academic reasons, work or to acquire one’s independence here’s a small guide to help you to fly on your own wings.

For starters, draw up a budget. It is impossible to circumvent. What are your sources of income? Employment, loans and grants, parental assistance?

Then come the expenditures. In general, it is necessary to envisage from 30 to 40% of your budget for housing. Do you wish to have the Internet at home? Do you have the cable installed, a parabolic antenna, a telephone line, what are the costs of heating and electricity?

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Unpack the paperboards 

06 June 2012

Here we are! You finally arrived in your new housing. You find yourselves in front of a mountain of boxes. And you wonder where to start.

The phase of unpacking can be pleasant with the proviso of making an amusing adventure of it with the other members of the family. You should concentrate yourself on one room at a time  and always keep in mind that you do not have to unpack it all in one day.

Start by demolishing the paperboards essential to your installation. You surely identified them. They contain the products of daily hygiene, the cleaning products, towels, cloths, toolboxes, emergency case, drugs etc…

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