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Louise F.(Landlord)

I checked my new tenants, I coordinated moves: everything is ready!

Xavier A. (Tenant)

I thought of everything? I can not move, how to transfer my lease?

William L. (Co-ownership)

I informed the union of my move? Joint expenses are paid? When is the next meeting?

Boxes and truck landlord

Boxes and truck tenant

Boxes and truck co-owner


The Quebec Landlord's Association (APQ), in partnership with Advantages Condo, wish to guide the owners of rental residences, the tenants, but also the co-owners.

At the end of a lease, at the signing of a new lease, at the purchase of an apartment in co- ownership, or at the time of deciding which moving service or -company to choose, all tenants, owners and new buyers ask questions such as:

How to come about to moving in and out? What are the rules regulations of the building? Which expenses do I have to add to my budget? to find all relevant information !

Quebec Landlord Association / Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ)

Tel.: 514-382-9670

Toll free : 888-382-9670

Fax : 514-382-9676

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